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Austin, Kennasaw, GA

"...fantastic job you did with the strat, I've played four shows with it since I got it back, and it is a masterpiece. Nice work!"

Re: custom neck installation and new pickups for a Fender Lonestar Stratocaster.


"The amp sounds killer man! Thanks alot!"

Re: new tubes and new speakers in a Peavey Classic 60.


Craig, Canton, GA

"The amp is perfect! I've been playing almost non stop since I left your shop! The thing sounds better than the day I got it!" 

Re: Restoration of a 70s Music Man HD 130.





Marc, Roswell, GA

"WOW! Mike you did an amazing job on the neck and the playability of this guitar! It plays like butter and is extreamly accurate all up and down the fretboard. Excellent work! You obviously know how to work with

a Fender neck to get perfect intonation. Thanks!"

Re: fret dress, new nut  and set up on a Fender Stratocaster.


Donny, Marietta, Ga

"My blue strat smokes! Great intonation!"

Re: Set up on a 50th Anniversary Edition Fender Stratocaster. 


"Man I hooked up my stuff! And to think I thought I needed a boutique amp! That thing sounds killer!

It has some bite and headspace now!"

Re: new tubes and calibration of a Fender Supersonic. 

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