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  • Complete Set-UpIncludes string height adjustment, truss rod adjustment, intonation adjustment, pickup height adjustment, clean and oil fretboard, polish frets, and re-string. Six string guitar / four string bass. $60 + strings



  • Tuning machine installation: Straight swap, no modification. $40.


  • Pickup replacement: Straight swap, no modification. $40 for one; $60 for two; $80 for three.


  • Amp Maintenance: Complete overhaul.

       Includes cleaning and conditioning of all contacts            (pots, jacks, switches and sockets), thoroughly

       clean chassis and cabinet inside and out, adjust

       bias, test tubes, inspect all critical connections    

       and components. $60.



Shop labor rate: $40 per hour.

Minimum bench charge: $20.

Common jobs and typical prices:

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  • Fret Work: Complete fret dress. Level, crown, polish, setup.$140 + strings.

  • Nut and saddle work: Custom shaped and fitted six string guitar and four string bass nut or acoustic saddle.

       $60 + bone blank and strings.

Services and prices may vary.

Prices are for labor only.

Parts are not included unless specified.

All custom work. Services billed on a per case basis. 

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