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  • Guitar, Amplifier, Effects setup, maintenance and repair

  • Custom modifications for Guitars, Amplifiers and Effects

  • Custom wiring and integration of racks and pedal boards

Guitar Tech Services

The one source for fine tuning all of your guitar equipment!

Personal tech service for electric and acoustic guitars, basses,

tube amplifiers, solid state amplifiers, and stomp box effects.

Services include:

GTS is commited to customer satisfaction!


Our goal is to provide flawless work that will not only improve the feel

and reliability of your gear, but will also improve your performance. 

Contact today! Have confidence in knowing that you have your best

possible sound, with a personal guitar tech working for you! 


Guitar Tech Services is located in Woodstock GA.

Serving the Atlanta Metro area and beyond!


**Available by appointment only. Please contact for more information.** 


Guitar Tech Services Bench Repair
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